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Encore Career Planning

July 29, 2020

Are you feeling the need for a new challenge in your life? Are you growing tired of working for someone else? Have you always had that “dream” and never went for it? Is now the time?

Encore careers can help jump start the next chapter in your life as you near retirement. What passion do you want to explore? This is a great question for looking at the next steps. Finding a new career that adapts to the changing times and dovetails with your passion can mean financial and emotional benefits as you reach retirement age. Continuing to work because you want to or doing something you love because you can.

What are the things that totally bug you in your current job?

  • Fixed schedules
  • demanding bosses
  • stiff dress codes

What would you change in your day to day work life?

  • More travel
  • Less travel
  • More continuing education opportunities
  • No PPE

Can you eliminate a commute or change your home location to meet the ideal situation?

Explore what you must have and what would be nice to have to create the ideal picture of your encore career track.

Make a list of places you’d like to work and people you’d like to work with. Do you have an ideal co-worker? Ideal customer? Ideal boss? Take all those pieces and write down why they made the list in one or two sentences to help solidify the vision you want. Be specific when you describe each of these.

Research time!

Find out all you can about the people and companies who made your list. Eliminate any who don’t make the grade or who have non-negotiable deal breakers as part of their bottom line. What roles do you see yourself filling with those companies? Do you see yourself competing with them in your own one person shop? Don’t just look at benefits and pay scales. Location, people, accessibility and flexibility all can play a role in creating the position you want. Is your ideal position realistic?

Time to clean up the resume and see how your skill set fits with your dream. Do you need a few new certifications to make your dreams happen? Work to get the training or education you need while you are still employed.  Or, take that leap and get your new business started.

Find what you love and your encore career will be a joy that will have you looking forward to every day of the next stage in your life and one step closer to your ideal retirement plan.

Find a group, counselor, mentor, or friend to vet your ideas with. Innovative Advisors offers Encore Career Planning services as part of our overall planning services. Let us know if you would like to meet with one of our fantastic Team members to discuss ideas or opportunities to help you make you goals and dreams your next reality. We would love the opportunity to help you make that happen!