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Fear - What Is Stopping You From Doing?

Fear - What Is Stopping You From Doing?

October 31, 2019

Have you ever been super excited to try something new or interested in something and you never do it? What stops you? Fear. But fear of what? Is it the fear of failing or is it the fear of succeeding?

A friend of mine recently went skydiving for the first time. I was actually jealous and yet had a gut-wrenching reaction at the same time. How exciting and scary! How could she do that? She is so AMAZING and FEARLESS! What a woman!

Too often we are so worried that others will judge us of what it is we want to try that we allow what we perceive to be what others might think stop us from moving forward with our own passion. Our own desire to better ourselves. Our own hidden abilities that we have yet to explore.

What deep desire do you have that you are allowing fear to hold you back from? Does it require learning a new skill or do you already possess the skill, yet you hold yourself back because you are afraid of what others might think of you?

I would challenge you to lean forward into those things that frighten you the most. When we are challenged, we grow, we blossom. Amazing, beautiful skills and talents come forth. We start businesses, we create art, we learn new talents, we grow stronger.

Stop allowing FEAR to control you. Lean in and face it head-on.

Let’s explore what you have been scared of doing. Change is hard and scary, but you can do it!

Let us help you explore options to start that new business or find ways to move toward those saving goals so you can spend more time exploring your new fearless talents. Do you want to retire, but you think that will never happen because you are nowhere near ready, so you keep putting off even talking about it? Fear… is it stopping you from planning for that wonderful future that you have been dreaming of? Let’s start putting those dreams on paper and work that goal to get you moving in the right direction.

Stop allowing fear to control your future.

Call today and let us help you grapple with the challenges you have, whatever your individual goal might be.