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Open Enrollment

October 28, 2020

It’s open enrollment time! Am I the only one who gets excited about this time of year?

For some companies, your window of opportunity to make any changes has already closed. For instance, Kinross closed their open enrollment window on November 2nd. Nevada Gold Mines open enrollment is currently open and does not close until November 13th. Other employers do not open until later in November or even December.

You may have heard from some employers that you are not REQUIRED to take any action. All of your benefit elections will roll over from the previous enrollment period. This is true. However, if you have ever spoken with me and if you have not, I hope we do… you know that it is highly suggested to be an active participant in your benefits enrollment. Your current benefits can play a big role in not only meeting the needs of you and your family for the coming benefit plan year but a large role in planning for your future.

I urge to take a look at the recent video we posted explaining some areas you should be reviewing and why you should ALWAYS actively participate in your enrollment even when you don’t have to.

Make the most of the benefits your employer is providing today to help plan for your tomorrow.

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