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Open Enrollment

October 28, 2020

Open enrollment season is the perfect time to review your benefits and options offered by your employer. This is also a great time to review that your plans and your benefits are both in alignment. Join us as we review the following questions that we’ve heard in our office.

What is Open Enrollment and why should I participate?

When do most companies have open enrollment?

How long does open enrollment have to be?

What are some other things that need to be considered?

1: Has my employer's prescription drug coverage changed?

2: Have the health premiums or coverage options changed for working spouse or children?

3: Are my primary physician, preferred doctors and other medical service providers still covered?

4: Has the employer taken steps to make health care costs more affordable for me?

5: Is the employer offering new or expanded options for receiving care that might be beneficial to me?

6: Has the employer added new or expanded voluntary benefits I might find valuable?

7: Has the employer added or expanded coverage for complementary or alternative medical services?

8: Does the employer's wellness plan have new features that can help me manage my health or save me money?

9: Has the employer added or expanded the use of technology for delivering and managing my benefits?

10: Have you reviewed your beneficiary elections to ensure that they are up to date?

11: Am I leaving money on the table? Is there something I’m missing?

12: Use your advisors!

Call us today to schedule your benefit review, or to schedule time to review your financial plans. We can’t wait to help you review to be sure you’re taking advantage of all your benefits.