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What Are We Reading This Month?

February 21, 2020

The Unnamed Business Bookclub has chosen the book Peaks and Valleys by Spencer Johnson for the month of February. This is a follow up to the previous book we read in December, Who Moved My Cheese, by the same author.

Who Moved my Cheese is a story about making a change to achieve your goals. This book was chosen for the quick read in a month that was full of “must do” and “have to” items. Members commented during our discussion of this book that they had read it previously, but they found new items to think about during the re-read. Much of the book discusses how to move beyond fear and how that fear is what holds one back from being authentic.

In Peaks and Valleys we are looking at a different paradigm. “How to stay calm and successful even in the most challenging of environments” (Peaks and Valleys, Spencer). What tools can we find to build resilience? What can we build on from the first book with the topics in this volume? What can one find to apply to one's own life and make changes for the better?

The Unnamed Business Book club meets on the last Friday of the month at 5 PM. Join us at Innovative Advisors, 606 Commercial Street, Ste. 2, Elko NV. Bring your favorite beverage, finger food to share, and your friends for a spirited discussion about Peaks and Valleys and what you found were the best parts of the book and how you can apply it to your life and business.

Contributed by - Kat Lovell Pejic