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What is Coffee with Karen?

January 31, 2001

Each Friday, Innovative Advisors has open office hours from 9 am until 11 am. This is an opportunity to stop by our office without an appointment to ask those pressing questions that you have.

In addition, the first Friday of each month Innovative Advisors hosts “Coffee With Karen” in our office These events are our regular open office hours and in addition to the opportunity to ask questions, or just chatting over coffee, our team brings in freshly baked goodies to share.

Maybe you have been telling a friend, family member or co-workers about what we do at Innovative Advisors. Coffee with Karen is a no-pressure opportunity to stop in our office to introduce our people to your people.

Did you know we aren’t just your consulting advisor one time per year?

Has something new come up in your life and you’re not sure if you need an appointment. Friday’s are your opportunity to stop by the office without an appointment and discuss with us your needs, current events that are concerning or of interest to you, and how these affect you and your planning efforts. And if your needs go deeper than a quick cup of coffee, we will get you scheduled for someone on one time with the appropriate team member or provide you with an appropriate referral to one of our strategic partners.

So, to recap:

When do these events happen?

Open office hours are every Friday from 9 am to 11 am. Coffee with Karen, which includes fresh baked goods, is the First Friday of each month.

Who can come?

Anyone can stop by that is interested in our services or who would just like to get to know the team at Innovative Advisors better. And of course, our current clients are always welcome.

Why do we do Coffee with Karen?

We believe in building relationships with our clients. We want to know what’s happening in your world. What exciting news do you have to share? What are you celebrating? What is upsetting?

Stop in --- Grab a cup of coffee ---- Let’s discuss!

Contributed by: Karen Ness